Acute-ERP is a way to integrate the data and processes of an organization into one single system. It is single product, which can be used for multi organization, multi location and multi currency.

Our well-designed architecture manages reporting at any level and the ability for personnel to access all MIS reporting via one main control screen.

System security is flexible enough to allow programs, forms and reports to be grouped based on job responsibility, single or multi- job profiles and then assigned to a single user to handle multiple tasks without compromising data security.

Our key features include:

Security can be restricted to allow companies with multiple organizational structures to restrict viewing of organizational and location data, but also allowing upper management to view data across organizational lines via the profile setup.

Flexible reporting tools allow management to view the health of the organization in a variety of ways across all the various modules. Finance and Inventory modules are well integrated and allow either batch or real time posting of sub-ledger data to the general ledger.

In today's global marketplace, companies have a need to do business in foreign and multiple currencies. Acute ERP allows transactions to be entered and tracked in multiple currencies as well as maintaining of financial books in a primary functional currency.

True integration of the modules, completes the cycle of order to cash and procure to pay. Our belief in a business partnership relationship with our clients contributes significantly to the success of our ERP implementations.

Although we specialize in rapid installs of our products, we can assist your business re-engineer its processes as our consultants have deep in-depth understanding of various industry verticals.