i-medisuites is an ERP solution for the Health Care Industry. It is truly an end-to-end solution that includes everything from front-desk management to finance management for any type of hospital, medical practice, diagnostic center, or nursing home. Our complete suite can be tailored to meet the unique individual requirements of the facility.

Key features include

A well designed EMR (Electronic Medical Record) module that helps doctors capture the necessary medical encounter information in a fast and efficient way. It also allows doctors to view and share the diagnostics information electronically at any point of time.

For IPD, one screen navigation facilitates all steps of the encounter from patient admission, bed assignment, treatment, and ultimately release.

Various on-screen or printable reports give critical information at a glance about the patient’s treatment as well as the associated billing and payment detail.

Multiple price definitions allow greater flexibility on the billing based on whether payment is covered by an individual, insurance organization, or corporation.

Tool allows for OT scheduling, surgery details, and illustrations to maximize the use of OT and build a knowledge bank for future reference.

i-medisuites offers a robust financial system, which allows a true picture of the financial health of the organization by accurately capturing revenue and expenses. Every module in the suites is fully integrated with the Financial Management System.

i-medisuites Inventory Management System systematically monitors drug supply and expiration dates and also safeguards your valuable assets by enabling warranty and maintenance features.