i-medisuites is divided into following systems and further to various modules to pick and choose to meet your needs and budget.

Front Desk Management System

  • Registration Management Module
  • Appointment Management Module
  • Doctors Schedule Management Module
  • Corporate/ Insurance Company Management Module

Billing Management System

  • Professional Practice Billing Module
  • Hospital Billing Module
  • Corporate/ Insurance Billing Module
  • Diagnostics Billing Module

Human Resource System

  • Personnel Management Module
  • Payroll Management Module
  • (Salary, Allowances, TDS, PF, etc)
  • (Time Sheet, Attendance, Daily Work, Leave/ Vacation, Loan/Advance/Bonus)

Finance Management System

  • Finance Module
  • Budget Module

Hospital Care Management System

  • IPD / OPD
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Ward Management Module
  • OT Management

Diagnostics Management System

  • Pathology Module
  • Radiology Module
  • (X-Ray, CT Scan, Echo, UltraSonography, MRI)

Inventory Management System

  • Drug Inventory Module
  • Consumable Item Inventory Module

Purchase Management System

  • Purchasing Module
  • AP Invoice
  • AP Payment
  • Expense Payment